YETI was founded by Roy and Ryan Seiders in 2006. Growing up, they shared a passion for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, traveling to outdoor industry trade shows with their 'teacher-turned-entrepreneur-father.' They were raised with an appreciation for wild game, unfamiliar territory, and high-quality gear.

The only issue was that the coolers available at the time just weren’t up to their outdoor adventures – the handles would break, the latches would snap off, and the lids would cave in. Not only was it a hassle to replace their coolers after each season, but also these cheaply built, ordinary ice chests were limiting their good times. And that frustration led them to a solution.

When the Seiders brothers founded YETI Coolers, they did so with one simple mission: build the cooler they’d use every day if it existed. One that was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast. One that could take the abuse they knew it would be put it through out in the field and on the water. One that simply wouldn’t break. They decided early on that product innovation would come from necessity and firsthand experience – not from market research and data analysis. Today, YETI products perform when it matters most - whether that be an excursion into the remote Alaskan wilderness, chasing redfish on the Gulf coast, or just getting together with friends in the backyard.
The new season of Yeti products hits our store with a variety of sizes for all your insulated drink needs. We also stock some of Yeti's coolers so you can keep food or drink cool and insulated on your travels. There are even Yeti cool packs to help regulate and extend the length of time your ice stays cold. 
At our Finnieston Clothing Concept store we love the simple striking aesthetic of Yeti products. Yet, it's the high quality and durability of the Rambler products that have made a few of us fans for life. We've been getting incredible feedback on the products from the number of people who have been in and bought Yeti products already, so we advise popping in to grab your new coffee flask before they're gone!
We currently stock 10oz Lowball, Mugs, Tumblers and Wine Tumblers. We also have Bottle Hotshots in 12oz and 18oz, Travel Mugs and Tumblers at 20oz as well as a 24oz Mug and 26oz Bottle with Chug Cap for all day hydration. 
Additionally, we have 24, 35 and 45 litre cool boxes with hard outer shell and 12 litre soft shell carrier. 
These are accompanied by a Can Insulator, a Dog Bowl and Yeti Ice Packs. 

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