We've had so many delays to deliveries recently due to Brexit and Covid creating the perfect storm, but when we saw a pallet of cartons emblazoned with 'MADE IN SPAIN' we knew our Flamingos Life sneakers had arrived. Joe's done a little digging on a brand with great product and some very green credentials...

These days, everyone needs to do their bit to help the environment, here at the FCL store we have the perfect place to start. Based in Spain, Flamingo’s Life is more than a shoe brand, they’re promoting a lifestyle and a message (it doesn’t hurt that the shoes look well nice too). Each of their trainer designs funds a different environmental project based all over the world, whether it’s focusing on reforestation or supplying clean drinking water to those who need it.

The shoes themselves are 100% vegan with 50% of materials used being plant-based and biodegradable. The brand wanted to avoid using plastics in their product, as much as they could, so they developed an organic material which rivals leather but is still plant based. The uppers of each shoe are constructed of a mixture of this organic material which comes from corn waste and recycled polyester. They are consistent in showing their message through every aspect of their product, as even their packaging is made from recycled materials.

Now, saving the world is all well and good, but you have to look good whilst doing it don’t you? With these trainers, you need not worry about that. The silhouettes take inspiration from different eras in fashion, at FCL we have The Retro 90’s, The Old 80’s and The Classic 70’s. Whilst they might have links to the past, the shoes remain as stylish as ever. This throwback style is perfectly complemented by the brand’s Spanish roots, just a glimpse of Retro 90’s is enough to make you start planning your Estrella breaks in between getting confused by Catalonian street signs. To top it all off, when someone complements you on your new kicks, you get to tell them all about them with the smugness of someone telling you all about how great their new electric car is.

Flamingo’s Life are providing a solution to a problem that every single one of us is facing right now, what can I do to help? It’s a small step, but thinking about what we’re wearing every day is a good place to start. Come and find your favourite pair of Flamingo’s Life at The FCL Store or on our website.




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