Finnieston x Enter - Our Mission


Let me introduce you all to Finnieston's next community project. One we hope will be our last project!

I don’t need bore you with stats and facts on our current health situation within the world right now. With rising cases in Cancers, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Auto-immune Diseases, Addictions, Autism, Depression and Anxiety plus many more suggests that we're not quite getting this right!!

It's quite clear to see where the problem is!

Science is now proving that most of the ailments noted above are usually brought on by some kind of stress or mental health problem. Right now we have never been as disconnected to ourselves and our communities. Social media, quick takeaway apps and dwindling hight streets pushes us inside and online away from the connection we’re all hard wired for.
A failing food system means that affordable healthy food has never been as hard to come by on our high streets. Due to the constant sway of world events which is making our lives so unpredictable we don’t realise that most of our nervous systems are in survival mode. This all leads to a disregulated society where disease and mental health conditions flourish.

With this surge in ailments, its quite clear to see that it’s something unnatural in our environment causing all this. This is why the only solution to the problem must be a natural one.

ENTER is our Answer to this!

I have been working with a team of people over the last year to work out a way to improve our country’s dark period of health problems.

In Switzerland they have a created a programme called EXIT which allows people to end their own life with dignity. In Scotland we have a created ENTER. Enter is a pioneering pay it forward programme, that aims to transform the mental and emotional health support here in Scotland . We have the vision of creating a community where donations are made to make natural treatments available to those who need them most but unaware of the potential for these natural healing methods, such as healing diets, breathwork, meditation and sound healing, to create a significant shift in their health outcomes.

At Enter we want to reclaim what’s lost. By bringing participants together on their healing journey we hope to restore these lost connections. We know from behaviour science that change is 10 times more likely to be maintained in a supported group setting .

We will also build health through nutrition by supplying participants with nutritious fruit and veg boxes whilst installing lost knowledge and wisdom on how to cook with healthy whole foods. We will bring in experts in self-regulation. These are ancient techniques such as Breathwork , Meditation and Sound Healing which are proven to help people regulate their nervous systems which can help with stress , anxiety and navigating the complexities of modern day life. I believe this is the turning point in our country’s wellbeing!

Where does Finnieston Clothing come into this?
This is our promise!!
Finnieston is a Social Enterprise now. Which means the business can never be sold! Help us grow this business!! Why? Because after we’ve paid ourselves and given the business the TLC it needs. The rest of the profits will just go back into getting this new revolutionary healthcare service off of the ground and get our communities well.

It's obvious that our leaders will not take us in the direction needed so it's up to us to do it ourselves. It's going to take a community effort to make this fully work. We can turn this around ourselves.

Purchase with purpose. Happy shopping!

Ross - Founder

If you wish to Donate to ENTER directly, please follow this link: