UPDATE: Our move into being purpose-driven...

UPDATE: Our move into being purpose-driven...

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I want to bring people into the inner workings of the brand. I'll be talking about new collection ideas, more in depth reasons why we do our seasonal initiatives and also just general chat around good business practices. I can't guarantee the grammar will be spot on but I promise it will be honest.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support over the last 6 months. Changing the brand to being purpose driven was an extremely liberating time for myself and the brand. It was also really scary, we didn’t really have a template to work to so we were in unchartered waters with how to present the change. I knew I wanted to make a bit of splash so that’s why we did the truth sword video which had a great reaction. Almost too good! I was half expecting a little of a backlash which never happened, in hoping the backlash may help it go viral. Better luck next time Ross!

Big personal reason for the move was I wanted to change the reasons why I have a clothing brand. In business its so easy to get into the thought pattern of let’s try to build a brand to maybe sell on one day. Which I was a bit guilty of before. I want to focus on how to make the best product possible and creating a great working environment for myself and my staff.  Ive always made great products but over the last couple of years it has become abundantly clear that if I wanted to really make this a big brand to sell on one day it would mean me most likely making crap. I feel most business’s with this ethos end up falling into some level of exploitation. Doesn’t have to be the maker that gets exploited, could be the consumer at other end buying overpriced rubbish as well.

My personal quest for this brand is to make this way of business not only successful but make a purpose driven brand a desirable one to consumers. If we do this, it then encourages other people to do that same and then there’s a chance for a possible change to the  culture in how we do business on a global level. Where this kind of business becomes the norm. If that happens , the world begins to look like a different place. When you purchase one of our products you help us move one step forward to this goal.

As I said before, all want to do is make great sustainable clothing, look after my amazing staff and the profits then go back to our local community in the areas that need it most.

Il leave it as that for now and il speak to you guys next week. Thanks for reading

Take care Ross x