Our Concept Store is the very first bricks & mortar location where you can get your hands on Tens Sunglasses in Glasgow! Join Joseph as he introduces this superb eyewear brand which was first dreamed up right here in Scotland...

How often are you thinking ahead to Summer these days? If you’re anything like me, it’s all the time. That is exactly what Tens Sunglasses are for. Our new friends from Stonehaven are producing sunglasses in contemporary and classic styles which have lenses that are designed to lift your mood and act as a real-life Instagram filter.

The idea for the brand came after 3 photographers went on a road trip of the Highlands and thought to themselves why should views only look better on your grid? How do you experience Instagram style filters without a million hashtags underneath? The lads quickly found the solution: Sunglasses.

Since their inception in 2014, Tens have created 5 unique lenses that can be used across over 20 different frames. Each lens is designed to evoke different emotions and highlight different colours and lightings, starting with their Original lens which was designed to make everything look sun kissed and elevate warm tones and colours. If you’re after a soothing experience then Evergreen are the lenses for you, the cerulean tones elevate greens to relax and engage your senses with nature.

Tens have also taken inspiration from the world of cinema for two of their lenses. Firstly, we have Boulevard which is inspired by neo-noir thrillers like Drive so the deep purple colours will get you half way to feeling like Ryan Gosling, all you’ll need is the jacket...

On the opposite end of the cinematic spectrum, Tens have made Spectachrome which is a perfect contrast to Boulevard’s darker inspiration. Taking notes from the whimsical world of Wes Anderson, Spectachrome uses rich emerald greens and citron tones to create a world that needs to be seen to be believed.

Finally, we have Tropic High. This lens will have you feeling nostalgic for summers you didn’t even have. This lens is designed to lift your mood through its green and golden tones and trigger memories of summers spent by pools nursing last night’s hangover.

At Finnieston Clothing, we are proud to stock a select number of frames with Original, Tropic High and Boulevard lenses. Come check them out and try them in person or find them our webstore HERE!