With a little breathing room after our busy spell, we took to the streets last week to shoot staff favourites from our current collection in and around our neighbourhood of Hillhead in Glasgow's West End.
Due to the nature of operations, it's not often our small team are all together in the one place. Not because if a plane carrying all of us went down, no one would be able to work out how to make a Dazzle Camo Jacket again, it's just the way things go!

Even on a quiet day there's plenty to keep us going. Whether it's design and procurement handled by our Creative Director Ross-G, online campaigns presided over by Luke or the day to day running of our now well-oiled machine by Ross-K & Darragh, we've got some exciting plans for 2023 and beyond.

We hit the streets with our photographer Gregor (@quietincommon) who has a real passion for people and in particular a knack for street photography - a perfect match for our ad-hoc shoot! The idea was to have a little fun and sort of hone in on the human element of the brand and how we individually style our Finnieston pieces - being just the four of us we don't often get the chance to come up for air!

Luke: Wax Linthouse Navy & Barclay Shirt Houndstooth

Pictured above is director Ross and digital manager Luke. Luke is the longest serving member of the team having joined Ross officially back in September 2019, with a background across several different industries including both corporate and independent menswear retailers.

"I have to remind myself that what we've achieved in such a short period of time is no mean feat! Ross and I started off sitting opposite each other Monday-Friday in a shared office at Charing Cross with just a website and social media accounts and look where we are now! Together we've gone from packing orders in his sisters flat in the Southside to having a team of four with bricks and mortar in the city's prestigious West End. It's been a long hard road and although we've come so far - with some exciting things on the horizon, it really still has just been laying the foundations!"

Luke: Vancouver Shirt

Each of the lads chose a couple of looks from our current collection. Luke opted for the Wax Linthouse in Navy over the Houndstooth Barclay Shirt and the heavyweight Vancouver Shirt which has been a massive hit for us this season.

"Every so often something comes along that you just have to have two of. A mainstay in your wardrobe that you just don’t want to be without. The Vancouver Shirt is definitely one of those pieces for me. In the past I've made the mistake of watching stock levels dwindle on our system and think, I'll nab the last one of those in my size - I never do and I always kick myself - it won't be the case with the Vancouver!"

Ross K: Stewarton Crew Knit Rust

After our Concept Store opened officially again after the second Covid Lockdown Store Manager Ross K joined us in April 2021, jumping ship from one of the city's oldest menswear stores in the Merchant City.

In a bizarre coincidence, Ross K & Luke worked for another menswear retailer in the same position, although not at the same time - so when his name cropped up we knew he'd be the man for the job! Now approaching 2 full years of service, Ross K has helped us build our loyal customer base and contributed (as we all have) to us receiving our 2023 Gold Trusted Service award from Feefo last month!

Ross K: Wax Linthouse Jacket Dazzle Camo

In addition Ross K's vast experience in menswear coupled with the day to day running of our store has come in useful when it comes to buying of other brands, and recently the two Ross's flew out to Paris for a long-anticipated buying trip which over the last few years has just not been possible due to travel restrictions!

On why he chose the Wax Linthouse;

"The unique pattern and style is wild. Our Dazzle Camo Pattern itself has been around a while but this is our first all-over print jacket and it looks brilliant. The guys at Halley Stevensons in Dundee have done an amazing job bringing the pattern to life and the fact it's completely made in Scotland is an added bonus!'

Darragh: Yardley Jacket Navy & Clifton Shirt White

Darragh is our newest member of the team having joined us in July 2022. With an extensive background in hospitality spanning a decade including a Michelin Star Restaurant he joined us to try something new after our original team member Joseph left for pastures new. Darragh's Dad had modelled for us in November of 2021 and when we knew Darragh was interested in the vacant position, we were glad to have him aboard!

"I wanted to showcase some of the smarter pieces in the collection. I paired the white Clifton shirt with the Navy Yardley Jacket. I like to mix and match my own style between cozy and being a bit more tailored and this casual suiting fit exhibits the range of our products. The Orange Watkins Wool Overshirt is a favourite piece. Bit out there but a showstopper piece for me."

Darragh: Watkins Wool Overshirt Burnt Orange & Conic Beanie Navy

We asked Darragh what the highlight for him has been since moving into this new role...

"The highlight for me has been noticing all the people around Glasgow wearing our product. I am very new to the company but you do feel like you're part of the family, and you feel some pride seeing pieces you work with out in the world."

Ross G: Journeyman Parka Khaki Stewarton Crew Oatmeal

Steering the ship is our captain Ross G. Between design, development and liaising with factories he's a busy guy but you can still catch him in our Concept Store if you're lucky - there aren't many brands out there that can make that same claim! We've always been very open and honest about how we do things and we're happy to answer any questions you may have about our journey - even better when it's coming from the horses mouth!

Ross has gone for his masterpiece - the Journeyman Parka. Truly, it is a piece with all the bells and whistles - and this time of year it's worth its weight in gold. Paired up with the neutral tones of the Oatmeal Conic and Stewarton Crew it really popped on our stroll to the nearby Botanics.

Ross G: Watkins Wool Overshirt Burnt Orange & Grant Wool Cardigan Marine

We've got some exciting announcements over the coming months. 2023 is going to be our biggest year EVER! Stay in the loop by signing up to our newsletter and keeping an eye on socials...

Big thanks to Gregor for some incredible work on the day. Give him a follow here: @quietincommon