We've carried Stutterheim at the Concept Store since we first kicked open our doors in December of 2020. We wanted to be able to answer the question 'Do you guys have any 100% waterproof jackets?' with a 'Yes.' rather than 'Almost.' It's a wonder a Glaswegian company didn't have the idea for these coats first, they're an absolute year-round city essential!

To coincide with the arrival of our latest drop from the Swedes, our newest team member Darragh has done a little digging to give you all some background on this fantastic brand...


Swedish melancholy at its driest

Stutterheim are a Swedish brand that produce premium raincoats in small batches from their exclusive rubberised cotton material. 

The rainwear is handmade and began its life on the island of Arholma, 80km north of Stockholm. When Alexander Stutterheim discovered his grandfathers old raincoat sitting in a barn he was surprised by its durability and timeless design. Inspired by this discovery, Alexander set out to recreate a timeless, durable raincoat. This is the origin of the Stutterheim story.


Their Legacy

Today, Stutterheim continue to produce modern interpretations based on this model and the ideas behind it. Made in their very own rubberised cotton, the classic Stutterheim raincoat is designed to be comfortable, durable, stylish and rainproof for years to come.

The original Arholma raincoat is so timeless in fact, that it is today a part of the permanent collection of the Nordiska museet, Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history in the “Clothing & Fashion” collection.

To this day, their philosophy remains; create timeless style in uncompromising quality. Each product is designed in Stockholm and made in Europe.



Stutterheim design their products in Stockholm and they are made in Europe. Their raincoats and rain-accessories are produced in rubberised cotton, completely rainproof. The original fabric is 530gr, but they have since developed lighter fabrics that are easily packable, easier to layer and to facilitate trans-seasonal garments. 

All Stutterheim textiles are 100% rainproof. 

Stutterheim use a ‘double welding’ technique to ensure that the seams are totally rainproof. They have specialised personnel, dedicated to Stutterheim that produce all the garments using this technique.

At our Finnieston Clothing Concept store we currently stock the Original 530g Stockholm Jackets, some Lightweight  230g Jackets and the new Ringen Jacket; a padded overshirt in Mid weight 280-gram rainproof rubberised cotton and 150-gram technical insulator filling.

We also stock some of Stutterheim’s rainproof accessories like a Stutterheim Bucket hat and Dog Jackets in a variety of colours!

Weight guide from Stutterheim themselves:

Original, 530g

Our original and iconic rubberized cotton fabric that put fashionable rainwear on the map. The durable 530g fabric makes it easy to spot the unique Stutterheim look and silhouette. Our original weight is what created our very first handmade Swedish raincoat. You can find this fabric in our classic styles, Stockholm and Mosebacke. Sturdy as it is stylish, it’s designed to last a lifetime. All garments in this fabric weight are assembled using 10mm double welding techniques in all seams.

Catchweight, 380g

Our catchweight 380g fabric is a fabric that has been developed to mimic the exact same look as our renowned 530gr rubberized cotton fabric, but with characteristics that better suit a larger or longer garment. All garments in this fabric weight are assembled using 10mm double welding techniques in all seams.

Midweight, 280g

Our midweight fabric has been developed as a slightly lighter, softer, year-round fabric that works especially well for transeasonal garments. This weight creates garments that are easy to fold away in your bag when the rain clears – if there’s one thing Swedes know all too well, it’s to never trust clear skies. All garments in this fabric weight are assembled using 10mm double welding techniques in all seams.

Lightweight, 230g

Our lightweight 230g is our lightest fabric available in our very own rubberized cotton fabric. This fabric was purposefully designed for a more portable raincoat; one that you can pack easily, layer over heavy knitwear and is better suited to warmer climates.
In this specific fabric weight we assemble our products using 5mm double welding techniques at all seams.