Pendleton is a brand we've always admired universally at Finnieston. Iconic, unmistakable and timeless, since arriving at the Concept Store it's turned heads, sold well and in the case of the Original Westerley Cardigan - completely sold out!! As we announce our Pre-Order for the restock of the Westerley, Joseph introduces the brand that needs no introduction... 



There are very few brands which can make the history that Pendleton has, and you’ve probably seen one of their finest pieces without even knowing it. Picture Jeff Bridges in the Big Lebowksi, in that beautiful, knitted cardigan. If it’s good enough for The Dude, its good enough for anyone right?



Their history spans across 150 years and reads like one of the great American novels of the past. The company has passed through 6 generations of the Bishop family, starting with the Bishop brothers’ grandfather Thomas Kay arriving in Oregon in 1863. The 3 Bishop brothers then took their grandfather’s weaving knowhow and applied it to wool mills across America creating the Pendleton brand we know today.



The brothers mixed their grandfather’s weaving knowhow with high-quality production and Native American colour and design. This equation produced the now iconic blankets you see in our store, interestingly these blankets became part of everyday life among Native Americans, used in ceremonies and as a currency of sorts.

In the modern day, Pendleton’s ethos of high-quality garments that celebrate Native American culture and design lives on through their clothing and homeware. This is especially apparent in their Harding Button coat with bold colours and patterns all over its 100% wool exterior. If you’re in need of something lighter but still a great layer, you need go no further than their Jacquard Shawl Sweater, a perfect piece to brighten up any outfit but still maintain warmth as the winter months creep in.



These days the brand now makes a variety of menswear, womenswear and homeware, a variety of which we are proud to stock at our FCL Concept Store. Each of the pieces in store showcase the iconic Pendelton patterns and use of colour. Ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement but also make the most of their clothing.  Unfortunately, we are currently sold out of The Dude’s iconic Westerly Cardigan but there is still a full range of outwear and homeware, and if that’s not your thing, well, you know, that’s just like your opinion man.