At Finnieston we want to create sustainable, hardwearing workwear that is stylish and versatile. Our goal is to use the profits from our business to help the community we find ourselves in. We want to be a brand that leads by example. To be as sustainable as possible, to care for our staff and our community, and to give back to society and the planet.Profits from each of our collections will go towards promoting and aiding mental, physical, and environmental health in Scotland and beyond. We will be transparent about the costs involved in making our garments, where those profits go, and promote causes we believe in. 

We want to be the antithesis to fast fashion. Clothes built to last, built for purpose, and built for the future.
 Every single time you buy a Finnieston product, money will go towards doing something good.


Why make this move?

I'll be honest, over the last year I've thought about not running a clothing brand anymore. The last few years have been exhausting! Anything that could have gone wrong.. has! But one thing for sure is that we've learnt a lot in those few years. We've also had incredible support from amazing people!
One part of my job that I have loved is making great sustainable clothes. Being creative and knowing that the work we're putting out into the world is having some kind of a positive impact feels good. Unfortunately, due to rising costs, I feel that I'm slowly being cornered into either compromising on quality or selling clothing at a price that most people can’t afford.
I am aware that a lot of people already think Finnieston Clothing is expensive!
My remedy to this is to be completely transparent with our costs, that allows people to see just how much it takes to make good quality clothing.
Our business is growing which is good, I guess!
What’s it all for though? To sell my business one day for lots of money and live happily ever after? 
I've realised happiness doesn’t look like that for me!  I was working towards a pot of gold at the end of a road that didn’t even exist. That was ripping the present away from me on a daily basis!
I want to do something I can do until I start sneezing and farting at the same time! 
By moving Finnieston into being a different kind of business I am removing that pot of gold at the end of the road. I want to build a business the world needs. Right now, I want a business that can look after my family, staff and the planet.
Planet and people over profit!
I am overtly aware that I am in privileged situation to make this decision. I know not every human and business is in a position to do so. This move is not an attack on other people or businesses. This is just what I believe is the best way for me and my business to move forward, while being genuine and doing what makes me happy.
Our brand is going to dedicate its life to helping aid the environmental and mental health issues we currently face on our planet. Both are linked!  If humans are truly happy we consume differently, which then has a dramatic effect on the environment. I feel we have current systems in the world where profit comes first at the cost of human health! It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, but whether you like it or not; subconsciously or consciously, there are some important people in this world that look at an everyday human like a battery hen!
We want to be different.
Every single time you buy a Finnieston product, money will go towards doing something good.
We will use money to support causes and projects we believe will make a difference. We want to do as much as we can to help those in our communities, whoever they are.
I’m on a quest to make Finnieston the most sustainable brand we can be! We are already doing a good job but I really want to find ways to work in perfect harmony with the planet and all life on it. We will be more transparent on all our costs and the profits the business makes from this move.  I hope other brands can use it as a template to also improve their business practices.
Whether you are able to buy from us, share a post or even just like it, it all helps! This idea is alive now and it's up to all of us to help it flourish. The sky is the limit.
Enjoy your purposeful shopping!
Our first exciting mens health project will be launching over the coming weeks, please stay tuned or sign up to our mailing list to find out more.
Many Thanks