Our Concept Store is home to Finnieston Clothing, but also a curation of international brands. We're always on the lookout for something new, cool, niche - a unique piece you won't find any where else and Sweetch seemed like a nice fit. Join Joseph as he introduces this new Korean Brand to our store..

For me, a good bag is something you don’t realise you ever needed until you’ve got one. They’re almost life changing.

You think to yourself, “How did I survive without this for all these years?”

That’s where Sweetch comes in. Up until 2011 they were Korea’s best kept secret but that soon changed once they started to export their bags and backpacks across the Asian continent. Eventually they branched into European and American markets and now in 2022 we are really excited to have them on our shelves in our FCL Concept Clothing Store.


Whilst the style of the bags is minimalistic and sleek, Sweetch’s approach to designing the bags is anything but. Their aim is to design bags which can be used every day no matter what you have planned. Whether you’re Munro Bagging or simply needing something to take your lunch to work in, Sweetch bags cover all bases, and they make sure you look good whilst doing it.


The main factor that makes the bags so versatile is the Coated Canvas they use on all their products. The Coated Canvas is waterproof, so all your goods are protected from whatever the weather wants to throw at them. This is especially useful for carrying tech with you, whether you’re using the bag for your laptop or as a full-on camera bag, you can go about your day without worrying about your gear - and for the craftsperson in you, we've got some of their Work Aprons too!!