KEEN FOOTWEAR: Joseph Cameron

KEEN FOOTWEAR: Joseph Cameron

This month we've handed the journal over to new FCL Concept Store recruit Joseph who has been putting our Keen Footwear range under the microscope...

What is the first thing that pops into your head if I were to say Portland, Oregon? Perhaps it would be a certain gigantic American sportswear brand, maybe you would call it The City of Roses, but for me it would be the vast green spaces which are perfect for hiking. Now, take that image and mix it with the Californian sun. the result of this weird mental sum is arguably the shoe brand of the summer, KEEN. The sandal that is ideal, surprisingly, for the Scottish summer. The hiking sandal brand are newcomers to the shoe game as they were started in 2003 in California with an eye to creating a durable sandal perfect for outdoor activities but still maintain comfort and an element of style. The brand then relocated to Portland in 2006 to really focus on the outdoor element on the brand.

Here at the FCL Concept Store we are excited to stock two different models of the shoes. Firstly, I’ll showcase my personal favourite, the UNEEK sandal. Sticking to the brand’s ethos of “two cords and a sole” the UNEEK really lives up to its name, whilst still maintaining an understated look in the Dark Olive/Brown Sugar and GLR Black colourways. Due to their Metatomical Footbed Design the shoe maintains comfort and provides excellent arch support, making the UNEEK perfect for both outdoor adventures and everyday wear. 

For those more inclined to make a statement with their footwear, we have you covered too, with two bold colourways in KEEN’s UNEEK SNK. This separate style again, prioritizes comfort and durability but this silhouette allows the wearer to express themselves through the bright colourways that we have to offer. The SNK’s potential is really highlighted in Keen’s collaboration with historic Japanese house Beams. Beams decided to really highlight the “two cords and one sole” tagline of the brand by making sure the cords stood out proudly against the dark upper by using every colour they could think of. The BMS Multi colourway is one to get excited about, as well as the Adobe/Brilliant Blue which is the brightest of them all.

KEEN footwear is the perfect cross section between fashion and function, and you can find them instore at The FCL Concept Store or on our website HERE