Can British Wool Finally Compete in the Comfort Category?

Can British Wool Finally Compete in the Comfort Category?

Let's face it, the team at Finnieston are head-over-heels for wool.

Natural? Check. Renewable? Check. Breathable? Check. Odor-resistant? Double check. Hypoallergenic? You bet. We've been champions of wool for years, with best-sellers like the Grant Cardigan and Stewarton Knitwear proving there's a serious appetite for comfy, sheepy goodness.

Last winter, we debuted the Avery, a Shawl collared beauty crafted from 100% felted lambswool by our awesome factory pals, Lochaven, in Stewarton. Here's the lowdown on their magic touch: they knit the fabric like usual, then BAM! Throw it in a boiling hot bath (don't worry, the wool can take the heat). This magical process shrinks it down, transforming it into a super soft fleece.

Now, here's the rub. Most wool garments, including ours (sorry!), use wool that isn't exactly British. Australia reigns supreme with their ridiculously soft Geelong lambswool. British wool, on the other hand, has a bit of a... ... reputation for being a tad coarse. Think sandpaper for your sensitive skin - we still get loads of apprehensive customers in our stores traumatised by the super scratchy wooden jumpers of old.

With this in mind, we teamed up with the Lochaven crew on a mission: could we take British wool and give it a fleece makeover?

Drumroll please... WE DID IT! It's not quite as soft as the Aussie lambswool , but it's giving it a serious run for its money. We're talking next-level comfort and softness. We're currently whipping up a fleece vest and sampling our beloved Avery cardigan in this new, improved British wool.

This is a win-win situation. British farmers get compensated poorly when it comes to wool prices. By using their wool, we're giving them a helping hand (or hoof?). Plus, the color options are seriously exciting. Fingers crossed, this all comes together and we can finally give British wool the recognition it deserves in apparel!

Stay tuned for updates later this year...