I would be talking shite if I said the last two years have been easy!

We launched back in 2018, and building on our experiences with suppliers, manufacturers and customers, we have gone through some changes to get to where we are today. Regardless of what kind of product we are making at Finnieston Clothing our original principles will never change. Quality goods made with the best materials sourced and made in factories which follow strict social and environmental criteria. We are always on the hunt for home-grown quality and champion our local suppliers, creatives and individuals who have been involved in each element of our process and will continue to do so as we grow.

Being a Scottish brand its very easy to fall into the tweed and tartan trap. While I feel there definitely is a place for that, I felt it was time to develop a range which was more authentic to us. Digging into our roots here in Glasgow, I wanted to develop a clothing line that fairly represented the iconic history of the Clydeside. I am very fortunate to have a family friend who is an author and Clydeside historian – when asked who was best to speak to during our research stage he said ‘Me!’ Thanks to his involvement and commitment to ensuring the legacy of the River’s shipbuilding heyday lives on, all of our individual articles feature a nod to the industry in their own unique way.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the brand since we started. Whether it’s making a purchase, giving us feedback or even liking and sharing our posts on socials, it all makes a difference. I think one thing that the current climate has created is a new generation of consumer that wants to know where their money is going more than ever. Bringing a brand to market will never be more difficult than it is right now, but I feel the shop local mantra and support for small independents is stronger than ever, whether it’s fashion, coffee, food or lifestyle products. We need to keep the momentum going, bricks and mortar is the future.

Now buy one of my jackets- haha(!)


Image:  Curse These Eyes