New for 2024: Stan Ray - The epitome of enduring style...

New for 2024: Stan Ray - The epitome of enduring style...

Texas-born brand Stan Ray has carved a niche for itself in the world of clothing by prioritizing timeless workwear and military-inspired aesthetics. Shunning the trends of fast fashion, Stan Ray focuses on quality and functionality, crafting pieces designed to become reliable companions for years to come.

When we designed our SS23 workwear inspired collection, Stan Ray was a brand we admired for their quality, authenticity and classic Americana vibe. The influence can be seen in the Hickory Striped Yardley Jacket, Cleveden collarless Jacket and Ashton Work Pants.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Stan Ray is their affordability. Despite their dedication to high-quality materials, their prices remain refreshingly reasonable. This makes them a fantastic option for those seeking to invest in clothing that will transcend fleeting trends and become staples in their wardrobe. 

For 2024 we thought we'd give Stan Ray a go, we're always on the look out for a slightly different offering at our Bricks and Mortar, and you can shop the range in sizes XS-XL at our Shawlands store, or online anytime!

For those seeking clothing built with integrity, Stan Ray stands out as a compelling choice. Their timeless designs and rugged construction make them ideal for anyone who values quality and wants their clothes to last.