NEW FOR 2024: Patagonia

NEW FOR 2024: Patagonia

For 2024 we wanted to bring in some more lines from international labels that compliment our existing selection of brands, but also introduce some performance pieces for both men and women alike. You'll be familiar with our own purpose-driven vision by now, but one of the best examples of business who do this on a global scale is the almost universally loved Patagonia.

Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, the company has transcended its roots as a climbing equipment company to become a globally recognised outdoor clothing brand. Renowned for its high-quality, durable garments designed for adventure, Patagonia is also known for its deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

From the outset, Chouinard recognised the impact his chosen sport had on the environment. This awareness permeated Patagonia's ethos, leading to a dedication to sustainable practices. The company prioritizes using recycled materials, minimizing its environmental footprint, and advocating for environmental protection. Their "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm" mission statement reflects this core value.

Beyond environmentalism, Patagonia actively champions social causes. They advocate for fair labour practices throughout their supply chain, offer generous repair and warranty programs, and even pledged to donate all profits ($100 million) to fight climate change in 2022. This dedication to activism, coupled with their high-quality products, has earned Patagonia a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers alike and we are absolutely delighted to bring the brand to the West End and South Side of Glasgow!