Clydeside Company History...

The Finnieston Clothing line features familiar names from the Clydeside's industrial heyday, find out a little more about them below.




Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company was one of the most famous shipbuilding companies in the world, situated in Govan by the River Clyde in Glasgow. Known locally as Fairfields the yard was responsible for turning out many warships and transatlantic liners, including record breaking ships for Cunard and Canadian Pacific Lines, as well as for Glasgows own Anchor Line.



John Brown & Company

John Brown & Company of Clydebank was a Scottish marine engineering and shipbuilding firm who built many notable and world famous ships including RMS Lusitania, HMS Hood, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and QE2. 




Govan Shipbuilders

Govan Shipbuilders was a shipbuilding company based on the river Clyde between 1973 and 1988. 53 Ships were built during their tenure at the former Fairfield Yard most of which  being cargo ships, bulk carriers and coasters.





Anchor Line

The Anchor Line shipping company's story grew from small beginnings in tandem with the River Clyde Shipbuilding industry, as the Glasgow river was transformed. Rapid industrialisation in the 19th century changed the river from shallow and meandering to one of the worlds greatest hubs and shipbuilding ports and of marine expertise. Although not as famous as Cunard or P&O, anchor line employed the best marine artists of the day to create its now famous shipping posters.