5% for Action on Asbestos
We are delighted to announce our partnership with local charity:
'Action on Asbestos.'
While we’ve loved the nostalgic side of our industrial heritage and sharing some superb archive imagery with the intention of really celebrating the legacy, we have always been acutely aware that for many people, the memories of this industry aren’t looked on as fondly such as the lasting harm that family members exposure to industrial disease such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.
We have partnered with local charity Action on Asbestos to donate 5% of the proceeds of all of our tees and sweats to help their cause going forward. You can also donate direct to the Charity HERE
 ‘Providing advice, information and emotional support to those with an asbestos related condition, industrial disease or accident, and their families.
Action on Asbestos (AoA), previously known as Clydeside Action on Asbestos, is a registered charity that provides advice, information and emotional support, primarily to those who have been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition, in Scotland.   The charity was established in 1984 by men who had been diagnosed with an asbestos condition, in response to there being a real need for an agency to be established which would provide specialist advice about the legal, social and financial implications that arises when this type of diagnosis is given. It was also identified that a voice was greatly needed to shape and influence social policy and legislation. Hence the charity Clydeside Action on Asbestos was formed; named appropriately as Clydeside Action on Asbestos because the men who set up the charity previously worked on the Clydeside and all had been given a diagnosis of an asbestos condition.  Although many will believe asbestos related conditions are now a thing of the past, our focus remains relevant today given that Action on Asbestos receives over 750 new referrals each year and so remains the driving force of our service provision.
As it is the focus of Action on Asbestos to strive to continually identify and address the unmet needs of this community, we provide our services to those diagnosed with an asbestos condition throughout Scotland, from Inverness to the borders. This greatly assists to reduce the isolation of this clientele.
In addition to providing financial and practical relief to those diagnosed with an asbestos related disease, it was imperative to advance awareness, research and education about asbestos related disease among health care professionals, the general public and statutory, voluntary and public bodies. Since the inception of Action on Asbestos the charity has now established partnerships with various health boards and agencies throughout Scotland and the UK to promote the needs of those diagnosed with an asbestos condition. To date Action on Asbestos are proud to sponsor 2 specialised nurses in Scotland who deal with terminal asbestos related conditions and have raised substantial funds for much needed medical equipment in Scotland. NHS trusts throughout Scotland make use of the publications produced by the charity to provide to their patients.
 It is extremely important to make people aware of the various campaigns the charity has undertaken to improve the rights of those with an asbestos related disease.  Our specialist knowledge is recognised by the Scottish Parliament when invited to give evidence to the Justice Committee on proposed bills, forming part of the Scottish Government committees to give opinion on matters relating to devolved benefits and having legislation changed due to the injustices on our clients. Action on Asbestos is a unique charity that provides a unified voice for its clientele.
Action on Asbestos is therefore delighted that Finnieston Clothing Ltd have chosen Action on Asbestos as their chosen charity to donate to. Although donations made to the charity will greatly assist us to help our members, it will also assist the charity to continue to provide much needed funds to the NHS, as we hope to continue to help our clients by helping to provide the NHS with what they need in order to help those with an asbestos condition.
Phyllis Craig MBE
Director & Senior Welfare Rights Officer
Action on Asbestos
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