Dazzle Camouflage

SS Lapland in Dazzle Camouflage - River Clyde

In 1917 Norman Wilkinson, British marine artist turned wartime camoufleur, developed Dazzle Camouflage schemes for ships. Rather than try to hide huge warships and ocean liners in plain sight, the paint schemes were developed to disrupt the appearance of the vessel to enemy craft. The ships' silhouettes were broken up with brightly coloured contrasting geometric designs, making their speed and heading much more difficult for the enemy U-Boats to Torpedo.

In World War One Britain the 'Dazzle Section' of the Department of Transport distributed designs through men commissioned as 'Dazzle Officers' who were allocated to specific ports to supervise the painting of ships - one of which was John Brown & Company's yard right here on the River Clyde. 

Taking inspiration from these designs, we have developed bespoke woven lambswool scarves with a mill right here in Scotland. Our latest Outerwear pieces each feature Dazzle Camouflage linings this season, and we've recently commissioned our very own Finnieston Dazzle Camouflage to pay tribute to the incredible forgotten art that played such a big role in our maritime history.