Our seasonal based projects are now the reason we make great clothes!
It’s now the beating heart of our brand.
It will bring purpose to every piece of clothing made and sold by Finnieston.
Profits from each of our collections will go towards promoting and aiding mental, physical, and environmental health in Scotland and beyond.

It brings me great pride to introduce our 1st project arounds men’s mental health. This is a personal one for me. I'll be honest the last few years of running a business and becoming  a new father had taken its toll on me. I was struggling with extreme stress and anxiety which led me to using alcohol as a coping mechanism. My partner could see I was struggling and made me aware of David's retreats. It took a while but I finally plucked up the courage to sign up.
Fast forward a year, now this is happening! Mad!
This shift with Finnieston was born from that retreat. Finally, at the age of 37 I have discovered who I really am, and what im here to do. Its changed my life 100% for the better and it has brought a great sense of purpose to my life.
To me, this is why It makes perfect sense to do our 1st project with David Millar from Mantra Mens work. These retreats are an investment, rightfully so. Which makes it them unattainable for those who may need them the most.
Project 1 will see Finnieston pay for 10 men to attend one of David retreats this winter. With this we are hoping they can light up their own communities. Thus causing the ripples needed to make change.
Mens mental health is at a crisis point and I've witnessed the incredible things that can happen at these retreats!
Please follow this link to find out more about the Mantra Mens Work retreats and the scholarship scheme.