At Finnieston we're committed to providing the best quality apparel, footwear and accessories you can get your hands on, and if we don't make it you can bet we've been on a mission to get it for our Concept Store. One such brand is Klättermusen and we've been impatiently waiting to be one of the first places in Scotland you can get your hands on it. See what Joe has to say on the Swedish mountaineering brand that's nearly half a century old!


Here at the FCL Concept Store, we have decided to stock something a little bit different from the rest of the shop. With over 45 years’ experience we believe that our Swedish friends at Klättermusen fit perfectly on our rails. Hailing from a mountain village in the Swedish municipality of Åre, the weather faced in that part of the world shaped the direction of the brand and the clothes they produce to this day.

From their humble beginnings, starting as a DIY workshop which assembled technical clothing which offered solutions to problems that the people of Åre faced every day, Klättermusen has grown into a globally recognised brand. Each piece really highlights the brand’s 45 years of experience of making outdoor wear, whether you need a fully waterproof insulated parka for trekking across the arctic or just a light layer for summer Munro bagging, Klättermusen has the best version of whatever you need for any outdoor activity. You can see the meticulous thought process that goes into the design of every little aspect of their clothing, whether it is the slanted zip so that it doesn’t rest on your chin or a hidden elastic thumb grip. Every base has been covered.

At The FCL Store we are happy to have a range of Klättermusen logo tees in various colours which display the logo and mission statement, “maximum safety, minimum impact.” There’s even a tee which displays The Climbing Mouse (the English translation of Klättermusen.) After the tees we have a small collection of their more technical gear that is worth seeing in person. We have the waterproof shell Asynja jacket which is perfect for keeping the rain at bay and the lighter weatherproof Ansur jacket which is made from tough rip-stop material making it perfect for hiking in rougher conditions...

Come see our collection in store and online!