'Established in 1897, Filson is the leading outfitter and manufacturer of unfailing goods for outdoor enthusiasts. Built upon a reputation for reliability, we're a favorite among anglers and hunters, engineers and explorers, mariners and miners, and anyone who refuses to stay indoors.'


A brand that needs no real introduction, Filson have been producing hardwearing Americana since the 19th century and pushed the lumberjack chic sported by broad bearded men from Portland to Paisley. 


We, at Finnieston Clothing, share an ethos with Filson about functional fashion that is made to last. Using the best quality materials and thinking about how the elements will affect the clothing you wear. Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of America has hardy weather just like the West Coast of Scotland. 

We carry a limited range of Filson's shirts as well as some Sherpa Fleece lined Jackets, and Filson's Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt. We also carry a few of Filson's bags, including their specialist Dry Backpack and smaller Dry Bags for keeping your equipment bone dry! Pop in store to shop the range or check out our online offering.